SUMMIT Titanium



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SUMMIT TI action complements what we started with the CRUX TI action. We kept the base features of the CRUX TI action and expanded on some key features to set the SUMMIT TI above and beyond making one of the LIGHTEST, FEATURE RICH ACTIONS IN THE WORLD!



The SUMMIT TI utilizes the Remington 700 footprint, 75 degree bolt throw, two locking lugs, Spiral flutes and M16 style extractor. This allows for faster bolt manipulation and lighter bolt lift so shooters can get back on target and have smoother bolt operations. The SUMMIT TI utilizes a firing pin assembly that is field strippable without the use of tools, you can clean out debris, ice, or a punctured primer piece with ease.

The action body has had the magazine well cut out to fit Wyatt’s extended mag box to allow for maximum cartridge length without the hassle, shooters can also utilize a detachable mag system if desired. We incorporated a side bolt release that is located high enough on the action body to prevent the hassle of machining your stock or chassis to allow clearance.

KEY FEATURES – Titanium Body:

  1. Larger ejection port, makes for easy loading
  2. Remington 700 foot print
  3. Accepts Wyatt’s extended internal box magazines
  4. Integrated recoil lug
  5. Screw hole spacing works with  Talley, Nesika Bay, Hawkins Precision LR Hybrid Rings
  6. Gas vent, in case of a case head separation or pierced primer


  1. 75 degree bolt throw, two lug design
  2. Stainless shroud
  3. One piece bolt handle
  4. Skeletonized bolt handle
  5. Nitride coating on bolt body
  6. Fluted firing pin
  7. Chrome silica firing pin spring
  8. One piece bolt handle
  9. Re-engineered fire control/improved pin fall
  10. Plunger ejector
  11. M16 style extractor