Long-Range Academy


Want to learn to shoot 1 Mile?  How about 2 Miles?

CPR Long Range Academy is a specialized training center that provides comprehensive education on long-range shooting. We offer a pioneering long-range shooting school that trains hunters to make quick, ethical, one-shot kills in the field. Our academy provides a building block approach that makes information easy to retain and put into practice. The core of our content is contained in their 3 courses which improve your ability to function under pressure and significantly extend the range and conditions under which you can take an ethical shot. 

Custom Precision Rifle systems simplify the process of getting on target and executing your shot of a lifetime. And when you combine all that with our modern approach to long-range training, you’ll achieve more capability in less time.

Learn to Site Your Rifle
Enjoy Yourself
Perfect Practice Makes Practice
Muscle Memory is key
Put what you learned in practice
Can you shoot 2 miles?
Learn to shoot from different positions
Standing, Seated, Prone...
Understanding your rifles velocity turns your field of view into 2 dimensional world.
Measure Again
Developer Your Dope...