MDT Precision Bottom Metal



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Attention all traditional rifle stock enthusiasts! We’ve created the MDT Precision Bottom Metal just for you, compatible with Badger M5 profiles. A blend of classic appeal and modern innovation, and the hallmark quality you expect from every MDT product. The reliability of 6061 anodized aluminum combined with features you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s redefine tradition.

Key Featuers:


    • Standing out in the crowd? That’s one of our specialties, and the adjustable magazine latch on the MDT Precision Bottom Metal is a feature you won’t find anywhere else. This customizable magazine latch ensures your magazine seats and behaves exactly how you want it to. Tailor it, tweak it, and get it juuuuuust right.

    • Elevate your reload speed with our flared magwell design. Offering a VIP entrance for your magazine, its design promises swift and hassle-free mag changes. Whether it’s a competitive streak or the thrill of the moment, the MDT Precision Bottom Metal ensures you are ahead of the curve.

    • In the world of precision shooting, stability is paramount. Our integrated barricade stop allows you to brace your rifle against barricades, gates, and other props without having to worry about causing magazine feeding issues.

    • With the MDT Precision Bottom Metal, you open the door to a wide range of magazine choices. By accommodating AICS magazines in Badger M5 profile stocks, we eliminate the frustrations of slow reloading and limited magazine availability. Stay ahead of the game with quick, reliable access to top-quality magazines for your shooting needs.