Longshot Ranger Plus 1000 Yard Camera

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Get ready to revolutionize your target practice sessions with the Ranger+. This upgraded version of our compact Ranger camera takes your shooting experience to new heights, allowing you to see your shots up to an impressive range of 1000 yards, all while staying comfortably in your spot.

Powered by state-of-the-art 5G WiFi technology, the Ranger Plus seamlessly connects to your phone or tablet, providing you with an instant live feed of your shots. No more time wasted walking back and forth to the target – see your shots in real-time and make adjustments as needed, all from the convenience of your shooting position.

Experience exceptional picture quality with the Ranger Plus’s 2MP capabilities. Each shot is beautifully captured with precision and detail, allowing you to analyze your marksmanship with ease. And with our Longshot app, you’ll have access to a range of advanced features and tools to further enhance your shooting skills.

Priced at $399, the Ranger Plus is a game-changer for shooting enthusiasts who demand superior performance. Don’t settle for anything less – elevate your target practice and enjoy the thrill of seeing your shots without ever leaving your spot.