Longshot Ranger 100 Yard Camera

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Introducing the Ranger, our 100 yard compact camera designed specifically for shooters who want to elevate their target practice experience. With its powerful range of up to 100 yards, this camera allows you to see your shots in real-time without ever leaving your shooting position.

Equipped with a cutting-edge 5G WiFi technology, the Ranger connects seamlessly to your phone or tablet, transforming your device into a live feed monitor. This means you can instantly view your shots and make adjustments without interrupting your shooting flow.

Capture every detail with the Ranger’s impressive 2MP picture quality. Each shot will be rendered with crisp clarity, highlighting your marksmanship skills like never before. Additionally, the Ranger uses our innovative Longshot app, enabling you to access a range of features and tools to enhance your shooting experience.

Priced at just $199, the Ranger offers unbeatable value for its exceptional capabilities. Take your target practice to the next level and see your shot without leaving your spot