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MDT Chassis Systems were designed for sports and tactical shooting. However over the years we found that our rifle chassis were often used in hunting, especially our lighter chassis such as our LSS Chassis system. But we had never purpose-built a chassis system solely for hunting, until now..

The MDT HNT26 Chassis System is our first truly purpose built hunting rifle chassis. This rifle stock provides you with all of the usual benefits that you expect from a chassis system such as v-block bedding, LOP and comb adjustment, AICS magazine compatibility etc, but weighs in starting at a mere 26oz (for our standard fixed version).

The MDT HNT26 Chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy rifle stock/base, with a carbon fiber forend, a carbon fiber pistol grip and a foam filled carbon fiber buttstock. With the increased number of hunters using ARCA tripods, we have included an option to choose a carbon fiber forend with an integral ARCA rail, as well as a foldable buttstock version for compact storage.

We truly value the feedback that you have given us over the years, and we are proud to bring the MDT HNT26 Chassis System to the market, knowing that this is a product that we have all worked on together to give you the ultimate hunting rifle experience!

Key Features:

    • MDT’s first purpose-built hunting chassis. Made with lightweight carbon fiber, with folding stock and ARCA forend options. Weighing in starting at 26oz (for chassis stock, buttstock, forend and pistol grip combined), this is the most ultra-light rifle chassis on the market.

      The ultimate hunting chassis.

  • When Pounds Equal Pain
    • Manufactured using magnesium and carbon fiber, two of the highest quality, and most lightweight materials around. The HNT26 Chassis total package weights in starting at just 26oz, with the folding and ARCA options going up to approx. 31oz.

    • Carbon fiber touch points on the HNT26 Chassis System not only help with weight savings, but also remove the “cold to the touch” feeling that can be associated with some metal materials in extreme conditions.

    • The foam filled carbon buttstock helps to dampen vibration and felt recoil, improving the steadiness of your follow up shots.

    • The HNT26 rifle stock has been designed to drastically diminish snag points. From its smoother, less aggressive shape to the seamless integration of the magazine latch into the trigger guard, every part of this chassis system was truly designed with the hunter in mind.