CPR Baseball Cap



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Cap Size
  1. Flexible Stretch Fit:

    • These hats offer a flexible stretch fit, ensuring they comfortably adapt to your head shape.
    • Whether you’re wearing it for a quick errand or a day at the ballpark, the fit remains snug and comfortable.
  2. Moisture-Wicking Fabric:

    • The performance fabric used in these hats is designed to wick away moisture.
    • Say goodbye to sweat-soaked caps during hot days or intense activities.
  3. UV Protection:

    • New Era 39THIRTY hats provide UV protection.
    • Shield your face and scalp from harmful sun rays while looking stylish.
  4. Lightweight Design:

    • These hats are 25% lighter than New Era’s previous models.
    • The lightweight construction ensures you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down.
  5. Trusted by Professionals:

    • Professional baseball teams at the highest level trust these hats.
    • If they’re good enough for the pros, they’re certainly amazing for everyday wear.
  6. Customization Options:

    • You can customize these hats with your own embroidered team logo, company branding, or any design you like.
    • Make it uniquely yours!
  7. Sleek Appearance:

    • New Era 39THIRTY hats have a modern and sleek design.
    • Whether you’re at the game or out with friends, you’ll look sharp.

In summary, these hats combine comfort, performance, and style—a winning combination for anyone who appreciates quality headwear!