Carbon Fiber Precision Alpine Bipod



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Introducing the new Backlanz Alpine bipod from our Precision Range. The pinnacle of lightweight functionality and stability. Whether you’re competing in a shooting event or taking a long range shot on a trophy of a lifetime, the Backlanz Alpine is built to deliver remarkable lightweight performance.

Experience ultimate versatility with our innovative multi-axis leg adjustability. The legs can be splayed inwards and outwards, as well as moved forward and backward, allowing you to achieve precise positioning in any shooting scenario. This ensures maximum stability and comfort behind the rifle.

Achieve maximum stability with the adjustable tilt/cant feature. Lock it off by hand to help keep your rifle level and remove any unwanted movement when taking your shot. Additionally, you can simply adjust the locking leaver location to suit your preference.   

Choose between our popular spring loaded notched system or lighter carbon fibre legs, both available for separate purchase. Easily interchangeable to suit your specific needs, whether it’s reducing overall weight or ease of set up. Paired with our titanium spiked feet and tethered rubber caps, this bipod will grip on virtually any terrain. 

Key Specs

  • Minimum weight 170g (5.99oz) + 48g (1.69oz) for notched legs
  • Picatinny, ARCA SWISS and ARMS 17s mounting options
  • Optional leg adjustment options – Telescopic Carbon or Spring Loaded Notched (can be interchanged)
  • Lockable and adjustable cant 50°
  • Leg length 230mm to 330mm (9″ to 13″)
  • Min barrel clearance approx. 140mm (5.5″)
  • Max barrel clearance 365mm (14.4″) approx.
  • 3 Angles of leg adjustment forward–  Legs up, 45° and legs straight down
  • 6 splay adjustments inwards and outwards
  • High quality and incredibly strong titanium and carbon fibre construction 
  • Titanium spikes with tethered rubber caps
  • No pan – we have purposely left this out for increased stability
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Made in New Zealand

Picatinny Rail Clamp

Equipped with an adjustable quick-release cam leaver, the clamp ensures a secure and reliable connection to any Picatinny Rail. Ultralight weight yet incredibly strong Titanium construction. ARMS 17 compatible.

ARCA Rail Clamp

Equipped with a convenient quick release thumb knob, allowing you to loosen and slide the clamp effortlessly along the rail in seconds. Ultralight weight yet incredibly strong Titanium construction with smooth machined surfaces for optimal operation. ARMS 17 compatible.