Blacktooth Stock

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* Requires 90 Days Lead Time
* Please Note: A Remington 700 Universal Footprint is designed to be compatible with many aftermarket custom Remington 700 actions. A partial list of compatible custom Remington 700 action manufacturers are: American Rifle, Bat, Zermatt, Borden, Curtis Custom, Defiance, GA Precision, Mesa, Stiller, Terminus, Gunwerks and Weatherby Model 307.
Carbon fiber stocks are all the rage, but the engineered solutions inside the Blacktooth means it reigns supreme as the lightest production carbon fiber stock on the market. Packed with cutting-edge features and materials, it combines extreme light weight with recoil mitigation and one of the most stable bedding platforms ever devised for a stock this light. First and foremost is the patent-pending carbon fiber bedding shelf. Engaging the front recoil lug, this slip of carbon fiber transfers the force generated by recoil directly to the exterior shell, enabling the Blacktooth to utilize a much lighter fill material than other composite stocks. That lighter weight fill allows the Blacktooth to come in at just 20 ounces. The combination of this carbon fiber shelf and integral aluminum pillars means the Blacktooth is a rock-solid platform for any rifle. Managing recoil for the Blacktooth is the available 3DHEX recoil pad. This one-of-a-kind pad is the first in the industry to be 3D printed at a production level. Using a honeycomb pattern of collapsible voids, it draws out the time component of recoil, taking away the sharp kick. With the same amount of recoil spread out over a much greater amount of time, the feel to the shooter isn’t just noticeable – it’s surprisingly pleasant, even with some of the hottest cartridges on the market. Available in a growing number of inlets and with a number of different colors and hydrodipped camouflage patterns, adding a Blacktooth to your current rifle will not only trim valuable poundage, it can reduce felt recoil and increase accuracy.

Bonded to the outer shell and working in tandem with a set of aluminum pillars, this slip of carbon takes the place of a much larger and heavier aluminum bedding block. The RSCL allows recoil impulses to transfer directly from the recoil lug of the action to the outer shell of the stock, enabling the use of lighter weight fill material throughout the stock shell. This lighter fill is just one reason the Blacktooth is the lightest production carbon fiber stock on the market.


Available as an upgrade to the Blacktooth stock, the second generation 3DHEX recoil pad kills recoil unlike any pad on the market today. The first recoil pad to employ additive manufacturing at the production level, its interlocking series of 3D printed structures give its interior a distinctive honeycomb look. This set of collapsible voids function to stretch the time component of recoil, deadening what would be a sharp kick with other pads. Another benefit of such an open structure is the 3DHEX’s light weight when compared to similarly-sized pads.


The Blacktooth’s grip combines a relatively thin wrist with a healthy ambidextrous palm swell and a substantial thumb groove to promote proper form while shooting.


The minimal yet versatile forend of the Blacktooth employs a 1” flat along its entire length, allowing for stability whether being shot from sandbags, a pack frame or other hasty support. A standard QD sling stud enables the use of a bipod and/or sling, and the nose of the stock has been trimmed back to remove excess length and weight.


With a blend of weaves and styles of carbon fiber, the Blacktooth’s outer shell lends extreme strength to the stock while comprising less than half its total weight.