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The 338 De-Animator is a precision-engineered hunting rifle designed for serious big-game enthusiasts with 2-Mile capabilities. Combining cutting-edge materials, superior craftsmanship, and powerful ballistics, this rifle delivers exceptional performance in the field.

Key Features:

  1. Carbon Fiber Construction:

    • The stock and barrel of the 338 De-Animator are crafted from high-strength carbon fiber, significantly reducing weight without compromising durability.
    • Carbon fiber ensures excellent rigidity, dampens vibrations, and provides weather resistance.
    • 85% of the components on the rilfe is carbon fiber, the barrel, the stock, bipod, and soon to be a surpressor
  2. Big Bore Capability:

    • Chambered in a magnum big bore caliber (such as .338 Norma Mag or .338 Lapua), this rifle packs a punch for long-range shots that “De-Animates” the target where it stands.
    • The large bore diameter ensures, deep penetration and reliable takedown power.
  3. Featherweight Design:

    • Weighing in at just 8.5 pounds, the 338 De-Animator is easy to carry during extended hunts.
    • The lightweight build minimizes fatigue, allowing hunters to cover more ground.
  4. Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel:

    • Carbon fiber barrels are incredibly lightweight due to the carbon fiber composite material. These barrels can enhance the accuracy of your weapon without adding significant weight.
    • Carbon fiber materials naturally resist heat damage. As a result, long shot strings won’t cause point-of-impact shifts due to excessive heat buildup.
  5. Adjustable Trigger:

    • The crisp, user-adjustable trigger allows shooters to fine-tune their pull weight for optimal precision.
    • A clean break ensures minimal disturbance when taking the shot.
    • We prefer a 2-stage trigger in the design and if you take our Long Range Academy you will learn utilize a 30% accuracy improvement on target.
    • Down to 4 ounce pull on a single and 2-stage triggers
  6. Carbon Fiber Bi-Pod 4.5 ounces

    • Carbon fiber construction significantly reduces weight compared to traditional materials.
    • A lightweight bipod is advantageous for shooters who need to carry their rifle over long distances or during extended hunting trips.
    • Less weight means less fatigue and better maneuverability.
    • Elimantes vibrations felt and heard through the stock.
  7. Carbon Fiber Wrapped Silencer-Ready Muzzle:

    • The threaded muzzle accommodates suppressors or muzzle brakes.
    • The carbon-wrapped design reduces recoil and muzzle rise, enhancing follow-up shot accuracy.
  8. Sub-MOA Accuracy:

    • The free-floating barrel is bedded in a carbon-fiber stock for consistent accuracy.
    • The rifle is guaranteed to deliver sub-MOA groups at 100 yards.
    • We have demonstrated 8″ groupings at 1500 yards using the 338 Norma Magnum cartridge.
  9. Weatherproof Finish:

    • The carbon stock is coated with a durable, weather-resistant finish.
    • Whether you’re hunting in rain, snow, or extreme heat, the 338 De-Animator can handle it.
  10. Detachable Box Magazine:

    • The rifle features a detachable magazine for quick reloads.
    • Choose from various mag capacities based on your hunting needs.
  11. Distance:

    • At 2 Miles, the 338 Norma Magnum has more muzzle energy than 556 @ 200 yards
    • When the 338 projectile goes transonic (transitioning from supersonic to subsonic speeds) the flight the projectile is still consistent and predictable
  12. Felt Recoil

    • With a muzzle brake or supressor, we have been able to reduce the felt recoil down to a 308, without these, it’s uncomfortable mule kick to the shoulder.

Recommend Configuration:

  1. Cartridge: 338 Norma Magnum

    • Why?
      • 3 times the barrel life compared to other 338 cartridges
      • After 20 rounds the brass barely starts showing signs of heat.  The brass feels lukewarm.
      • The measured pressure curve within the chamber is more rounded which reduces stresses 
  2. Barrel Length: 24″ Length

    • Why?
      • At 2500 ft elevation, with a 285gr 338 profjectile, the bullet is still supersonice up 3,040 yards with a muzzle energy of 6081 ft lbs.
      • At 1500 yds, there is 3,255 lbs of pressure all focused on tiny bullet tip.

  3. Trigger: 2-Stage

    • Why?
      • When stacking up on a trigger, there is a measure of time from your brain telling your finger to squeeze.  That time translates to barrel movement and great distances this barrel movement is exaggerated.  To reduce the time a 2-stage trigger will dramatically and can increase your accuracy by as much as 30%.
      • A two-stage trigger allows the shooter to apply a light, consistent trigger pull.
      • Permotes excellent muscle memory and trigger control.
  4. Package: ELR & Reloader

    • We will provider reloading data for your exact rifle that specificallies gives the most accuracy


The 338 De-Animator combines lightweight design, magnum power, and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for hunters who demand the best. Whether you’re stalking elk in the Rockies or pursuing Cape buffalo in Africa, this rifle will rise to the occasion.

Note: Always follow local laws and regulations when using firearms for hunting.
         Roughly takes 16-20 weeks for delivery once ordered.